HA380 för 2019-nCoV-infektion med ARDS

Designad för Cytokin-absorbtion

The HA380 disposable hemoperfusion cartridges are specially developed for critically ill patients. 

The adsorbent inside the cartridges is neutral macro-porous adsorption resin. Due to its large amount of neutral porous structures and high specific surface area, it can adsorb excessive inflammatory factors and excessive oxidative metabolites in the blood through different interaction forces, down-regulate the intensity of inflammatory response and restore the body’s immunity, thereby controlling the disease progression and reducing important organ damage and its complications.

Finns flera unika filter:

  • läkemedelsintoxikationer
  • akut förgiftning
  • leveråkommor
  • autoimmuna tillstånd

HA380 för 2019-nCoV-infektion med ARDS